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- City of Heavenly Fire
- The Kill Order

- Teen Wolf (Season 4)
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Do I want to watch Teen Wolf live tonight?

Nah! I’d rather sleep and go to work tomorrow. See ya guys, I am heading to bed :) <3

September 01


Happy 28th Birthday Ryan Jonathan Kelley! (31 August 1986)

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I YAHOO!-ed Myself with Natalie Dormer (x)

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Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue

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 It’s a dead pool. And we’re all on it. 

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    My little mermaid…

Far out in the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest             cornflower, and as clear as crystal

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This is Olivia Penpraze. You’ve probably heard of her. She commited suicide because of bullying. She thought she’s ugly and fat. Society made her think that way. She also thought she’s not worth living. Everybody is worth living. And so are you. Never let anyone tell you different

Smile, you are precious and flawless. You’re meant to live

You see liv on your dash?you fucking reblog.

always reblogging Liv. R.I.P.you precious little thing.

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I don’t care about power. Not anymore.

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